The Top Five Apps For Business Owners

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It’s no secret. Apps are the way things are being done these days. No matter what you have to do, there’s an app for it. The question is, how can you maximize your productivity using apps and what are the best apps out there? Simply put, there are a ton of ways to max out your productivity. 

  1. Receipt Trackers

If you run a business, there will be moments where you have to run to a store to get supplies. Sometimes, it’s dishes from Restaurant Depot, other times it’s going to be something like business cards from Staples. An app that tracks business expenditures can help you (and your accountant) feel more sane. 

  1. Online Store Tracking

Do you have an online store? Most people do these days, and that means you should be able to get notifications straight to your phone. The right storefront app can make it happen. You can get an app like this on Slice’s POS terminals.

  1. Social Media Posting

Online presences are what make or break most businesses. So, why not try to automate your work when it coems to social media? Apps like Hootsuite automate your social media posts and also keep an eye on analytics. That’s a great way to make things easier on you.

  1. Payroll Apps

Unless you are a single-person business, having a payroll app on your phone is basically a no-brainer. This helps you keep everything organized, especially when it comes to assigning hours and the like. 

  1. POS Terminal

Even if your business is generally one that stays stationary, there is always going to be the chance that you will need to take business on the road. Turning your cellphone into a POS terminal is always doable, especially with apps from Slice!