The compact, full-featured point-of-sale solution you've envisioned for your small business

american express
apple pay
google pay
samsung pay

Key Features

Swipe, dip,
and tap
Magstripe, chip cards,
and NFC payments like Apple Pay
and Samsung Pay
The Startslice™ POS
works with 3G, 4G, and WiFi
so you’re always connected
Startslice™ POS
is an android based device
that is both secure and reliable

Startslice™ POS for


Streamline your operations with an all-in-one intelligent POS system. Effortlessly manage inventory and stock levels, process payments with a simple touch, handle returns and exchanges seamlessly, and maintain efficient staff oversight while generating comprehensive sales reports.

  • Included Features
    Orders, Register, Promotions, Rewards, Employees, Reports, and More
  • Efficient Inventory Management
    Set up items and categories, move or transfer orders, add items to partially paid orders.
  • Drive Traffic with Promotions
    Create guest profiles and send promotions and announcements via text, email, and receipts, all directly through the Startslice™ POS system.

Startslice™ POS for


Our restaurant POS system is designed to seamlessly manage your entire establishment, from the front-of-house to the back. Featuring the integrated Clover Dining system, it empowers you to handle every aspect of your operations from a single, robust platform. This way, you can devote your attention to your patrons and enhancing their dining experience.

  • Online Orders Effortlessly
    Orders go directly to your QSR POS system. No installation or subscription fees.
  • QR Code Ordering
    Your guests can do everything they're used to when dining out: view the menu, make selections, and settle the bill.
  • Enhanced Order Precision
    Customize orders with descriptive modifiers such as "extra cheese" or "sauce on the side." You can also link orders to specific guests.
  • Taxes and Service Charges
    Configure and automatically apply taxes at the item level, and apply service charges for large parties

Startslice™ POS for


Tailored, intelligent POS solutions for small businesses. Simplify your processes. Discover a small business POS system that's perfectly suited to your unique setup and requirements. Whether you need assistance with order management, payment processing, staff coordination, loyalty programs, or generating sales reports, we've got you covered, no matter the nature of your services.

  • Simplified Payments
    Accepting various payment methods is effortless, from swiping, using chip and tap in-person, to online payments.
  • Take Payments Anywhere
    Whether you're on the go, at the office, or at your customer's location, in-person or over the phone, you'll never miss another sale.
  • Cloud-Based Management
    Like all Startslice™ POS solutions, Startslice™ POS is cloud-connected, enabling you to manage your business from the palm of your hand.
  • Swift Setup
    Startslice™ POS system comes payment-ready. Install it yourself with our assistance or by yourself.
Easy to

All Slice Equipment is incredibly easy to order, set up and manage


Terminals with EMV Chip Reader. Cloud-based receipt system. Slice accommodates all credit card types

Fits any type
of business

From barbers and burger joints to plumbers and pizza parlors

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