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Aldelo® POS System: A Robust Solution for Every Aspect of Your Restaurant

Elevate your restaurant management with Aldelo's advanced POS system, designed for efficiency and security. This system revolutionizes restaurant operations, facilitating easy reward programs, precise order management, and accommodating virtually all mobile payment methods. Featuring a dual-screen setup for comprehensive control, Aldelo offers a singular, streamlined solution for a flat monthly fee, including unlimited 0% processing. It's the ideal tool for restaurant owners seeking a smart, reliable, and fast POS system to enhance their business operations.

Complete Cloud Restaurant POS for iPads & Android Tablets

Create a tailored POS environment with flexible, cost-effective non-proprietary hardware. Customize your system with diverse apps for both merchant and customer interaction. Benefit from complimentary POS software and competitive processing rates with Aldelo Pay or through Aldelo Merchant Partner Services. Our solutions cater to a range of dining establishments from restaurants and bars to food trucks and pop-ups. Manage employee access to POS and cloud services with ease. Our POS devices seamlessly connect and synchronize over Wi-Fi or cellular data, offering features like Masa+ integration for digital ordering and a Smart Kitchen Display System. Access comprehensive business analytics and reports anytime, anywhere, on any device.

  • Economize significantly with affordable, non-exclusive POS hardware.
  • Tailor your POS setup with applications designed for both business and client interaction.
  • Access complimentary POS software and highly competitive rates for merchant processing through Aldelo Pay or our Merchant Partner Services.

Orders and Deliveries Flawlessly Merged on One Platform

Integrate your platform orders and deliveries more cohesively, moving away from the hassle of managing separate systems. This integration streamlines your process, making it more efficient and user-friendly, both for your team and customers. It simplifies the workflow by consolidating orders into one manageable system, enhancing the overall operational efficiency of your business.

  • Quick Integration with Ordering Platforms
  • Unified Ordering Flow Across Devices
  • Menus and Items Sync Automatically
  • Direct POS Management of Orders

Unlimited Benefits


Streamline your setup with Slice easy-to-implement POS solutions, designed for hassle-free ordering and management.

POS Technology

Experience the power of Aldelo's EMV-ready terminals, complete with a cloud-based receipt system, catering to all types of card payments.

Business Compatibility

Whether you're running a cafe or managing a salon, Aldelo's versatile POS systems are tailored to fit the unique needs of any trade.

Customer Care

With Slice, support is always within reach — benefit from 24/7 expert technical assistance, free updates, and a commitment to your business's success.

Features and Specifications

  • Empower Your Guests

    Aldelo’s customer-focused terminal allows diners to swiftly review their orders and complete payments, enhancing the dining experience.

  • Unmatched Speed and Power

    Discover the pinnacle of POS performance with Aldelo, where managing inventory, staff, and analytics is streamlined through one powerful system.

  • Diverse Payment Palette

    Offer your patrons the flexibility of payment options they prefer, from NFC transactions to mobile wallets like Apple Pay and Google Pay, all with rapid processing.

  • Fortified Security Measures

    Safeguard your operations and customer data with Aldelo’s advanced security, featuring encryption, EMV chip technology, and secure user authentication.

  • Comprehensive Financial Oversight

    Keep a pulse on your financials with Aldelo’s robust tracking of sales, refunds, and top-selling items, accessible from any device.

  • All-Encompassing Payment Features

    Handle taxes, discounts, and loyalty programs effortlessly, making every transaction with Aldelo a breeze.

Unlock Aldelo’s Dashboard

Aldelo POS elevates your management to new heights, going beyond just payment processing. It's a powerhouse of productivity with intuitive tools and access to a vast array of applications tailored for the restaurant environment. Aldelo POS is the cornerstone of your business, offering a centralized, intelligent command center for all your operational needs./p>

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