The Top 10 Best Clover Station Benefits You’ll Love to Have

3 min read

Clover isn’t just a terminal brand; it’s one of the best point-of-sale terminal manufacturers in the world. Owning a Clover terminal is both a bragging right, and a way to help your business blossom to its fullest extent. 

At Slice, we definitely know the many benefits of Clover POS systems. In fact, that’s why we chose to partner with them for our services. We only want the best for our clients, and when you check out what Clover has to offer you, you’ll understand why it’s a must for serious business owners in any industry. 

Don’t believe it? Take a look at our favorite Clover perks below. 

  1. You get extreme versatility in each terminal design. Every company will have different needs, and with Clover terminals, that’s never an issue. Clover terminals come in a wide variety of sizes, shapes, and functionalities. You can choose a small handheld terminal for businesses that travel, a medium-sized terminal for smaller storefronts, or a computer-sized terminal that sits on your desk.
  2. Every Clover terminal is easy to install and operate. Did you ever have a terminal that just didn’t seem to want to work with you? You never have to worry about that with Clover. Clover’s designs are made to be a cinch to install and always come with free 24/7 customer service to iron out any issues you could get.
  3. Your clients get tons of payment options. Believe it or not, there are many terminals that can’t accept major forms of payments—including Apple Pay! With Clover, this is never an issue. Your clients will be able to use any card they want, plus some other payment forms if you so choose. 
  4. Speed is the name of the game with Clover. Studies show that customers are much more likely to abandon their shopping carts if they have to spend too long in line. Our terminals cut down checkout time by reducing the amount of time it takes for transactions to get approved.
  5. Clover also designs its terminals to be low maintenance. As an entrepreneur, you already have tons of stuff to worry about. Figuring out when you need to update your terminal shouldn’t be one of them. Clover takes out the guesswork and automates most of the updates you need so that you can carry out your day. 
  6. They look amazing. Clients notice little things in every store, and that includes the kind of terminal stores use. Clover terminals look slick and add a high-end air to any store. Your clients will love it, and trust you all the more. 
  7. Clover terminals also let you create your own loyalty program. Want to pay your customers back for their loyal business? Clover has a built-in loyalty program option that will let them reap the rewards of being your regulars. Studies show that stores with loyalty programs also fare better than stores without. Needless to say, you’ll be rewarded for being good to your clients too. 
  8. These point-of-sale terminals are also designed for heavy use. Stores that have high client traffic need to have a point-of-sale terminal that can keep up. Though they may look delicate, Clover terminals are rugged and made to last. No matter what chaos ensues at your store, you’ll be able to handle it with Clover.
  9. Clover grows with you. Each Clover terminal can be customized through the use of add-on apps. These apps allow you to do anything from setting up an online store to adding specialty messages on the end of your receipts.

Safety is never a problem. Part of keeping your customers happy is guaranteeing a certain level of financial security. Every Clover terminal is equipped with cutting-edge security technology that protects clients (and your company) against hacking, data leaks, and skimmer attacks. What’s not to love?