5 Ways Slice Works Wonders for Restaurants

2 min read

Whether it’s an all-American diner or an exotic local hotspot, owning a restaurant comes with a unique set of financial challenges. This industry is known for having difficult cash flows, low-profit margins, and difficulty retaining customer loyalty. Imagine if you had a way to make things easier for your company. 

Your merchant services company should play a more active role in your company’s success story. At Slice, we do what we can to improve restaurant success. Here are five ways we make your restaurant more likely to succeed. 

1. We make it easier than ever to make more money. 

Accepting credit cards isn’t a “maybe” anymore. It’s a must. Studies show that restaurants and diners that accept credit cards earn up to 20 percent more every single month. By using Slice, you’re making it easier for yourself to boost profits without doing anything else. 

The biggest hurdle for new businesses is finding a merchant services company that isn’t prohibitively expensive. Slice makes it possible to have a more affordable merchant processing setup, which in turn, makes it easier than ever to access that untapped profit. 

2. We offer tech that works with your business model. 

Every restaurant has a different model. Some are food trucks, or food stands that work on the go. Other restaurant venues have a checkout line that diners are expected to queue up behind, while even more will have waiters who bring you the check. 

At Slice, we use Clover terminals, which means that we can pair you with a terminal that works with your business model. Whether you have a truck or a full restaurant doesn’t matter; we will have a terminal model that works well with your unique setup. 

3. We offer up loyalty programs to your customers. 

Loyalty programs are proven to work when it comes to customer retention, improved spending, and more. Clover has loyalty program apps that make it easy for customers to rack up points, refer friends, and more. 

By choosing Slice, you get to access those loyalty programs and improve your business’s bottom line. Not many other companies will give you that kind of program readily available to you at no additional cost. 

4. We save you money on merchant processing fees.

With traditional merchant services, your merchant processing company will take a large slice of your company’s income every single time a person pays with a credit card. Slice doesn’t believe in doing that, and makes a point of carrying 0% merchant processing fees for your business. 

For a restaurant that pulls in $250,000 in business every month, this equates to an average savings of $9,000 or more per year. This increases your profit margins without harming your bottom line. 

5. We make it easier to predict your monthly bills. 

Most restaurants seriously struggle when it comes to predicting how much their merchant services fee will be. Depending on how many customers choose to “charge it,” the amount you pay can vary by hundreds of dollars. This makes it very difficult for restaurants to work on a steady cash flow. 

Slice is one of the only companies to offer up merchant services on a flat rate fee model. That level of predictability can come in very handy, especially during off-season times. 

Life is too short to deal with extreme restaurant chaos. Slice can help you out. Isn’t it time you tried Slice?