5 Ways Clover Can Help You Save Your Business

2 min read

If someone told you that a single piece of equipment could save your business, would you believe them?

Slice may be a people-centric company, but that doesn’t mean we don’t acknowledge how important tech can be. The right technology can make it possible to turn an ailing company into a thriving one, cut down costs and maximize your productivity. One of the most overlooked parts of modern business tech today is your point of sale terminal. 

Clover is currently considered to be the best POS terminal brand in the industry, and rightfully so. It’s a brand that is known for having a massive app market capable of turning each terminal into your company’s own unique business model. When used correctly, Clover can turn a business in trouble into a thriving one. Don’t believe it? Take a look at these five ways Clover helps companies:

  1. Just owning any terminal through Slice will lead to higher profits. Studies show that companies that accept credit cards earn 20 percent more than companies that don’t. People simply spend more with a card.By just having a credit card terminal, you’re making it possible to enjoy a nice profit boost. Slice adds fuel to that perk by giving you merchant services without the fees. More profits, more savings, and more spending lead to great things for struggling companies. 
  2. Clover terminals make it possible to accept almost any form of payment. Credit cards alone aren’t the only way to pay for goods anymore. People now want to have more options than just credit cards. They want Samsung Pay, Apple Pay, and other options too. Clover terminals are equipped to take almost every type of payment on the market. 
  3. The Clover app market also has programs that let you plan out your staff’s shifts, learn about your top sales items, and also manage schedules. Managing your crew and your store can be difficult without the right software. With Clover, you can download apps that make it easier than ever to run your store straight from your terminal.Certain apps can help you learn what’s going wrong with your store as well as show you where you’re losing money. By having a Clover terminal, you can find out how to fix your store. 
  4. Using a Clover terminal also gives you the option of starting a loyalty club. Your loyal customers are your bread and butter. Clover has a rewards program that helps increase referrals and rewards those who help you make ends meet. 
  5. You can even run an online store from your terminal. If you want to make more money than ever before, you’re going to love Clover’s online store capabilities. Your business can use apps to start an online commerce side of your business. Patrons can book appointments online, buy goods from your store, and streamline their payments to you. 

In business, the more tools you have, the better off you’ll be. When you have Clover on your side, you will be better equipped than ever before.