5 Reasons Salons Love Slice

2 min read

Salons are incredibly important to our society. For many men and women, they are a place to escape. They are where you can go to pamper yourself, enjoy a break from the hassle of daily life, and also improve the way you look. Though they make a huge impact on our lives, salons still have problems when it comes to staying afloat. 

The world of beauty and personal care is a difficult one to navigate, but that’s alright. Salons now have a new ally in Slice. Here’s why salons, hairdressers, and beauty venues across the nation are falling in love with our services. :

1.Slice offers a steady bill. 

Most other merchant services companies charge a fee-based structure that varies depending on how many people use credit cards to pay. They also tend to top off those fees with surprise charges, too. 

This can lead to difficulty predicting your business’s monthly income and may even cause you to fall behind on bills if you’re very unlucky. Slice has a flat-rate fee structure. That means your bill doesn’t fluctuate, and you don’t have to worry about ugly surprises on your bill. 

2. Clover apps make running a salon a breeze.

Tired of tracking all the hours your staff works on paper? Want to accept bookings online? Clover’s app marketplace has programs that can help you run your salon smoother than ever before. 

The Clover app market gives you ways to track staff hours, have patrons book appointments online, and even start your own online store. This turns your terminal into one of the most powerful tools your business can afford. 

3. We provide terminals as beautiful as your business. 

A salon’s ambiance is important, and we understand that. Having a clunky terminal just doesn’t look good. Thankfully, we can help out with that. Clover is known for having some of the most aesthetically-pleasing terminals on the market. 

Each terminal from Clover offers a uniquely stylish, modern look that works well with state-of-the-art salons. They’re also easy to use and capable of working with almost every type of payment imaginable. 

4. Our services also increase your profits. 

Clover’s app marketplace makes it easy to start up a loyalty program. Loyalty programs are proven to increase customer spending, improve word-of-mouth referrals, and also improve customer turnout. This all leads you to a higher profit every single month. 

Studies show that accepting credit cards alone can lead to an increase in profit by as much as 10 to 20 percent per year. By just having merchant services in your salon, you make it possible to get more money every single year.

5. Best of all, you save money while you do it. 

Slice’s biggest perk is the fact that we help you save money. By removing pricey merchant processing fees from every transaction you make, your salon will save thousands of dollars in payments every year. 

If you’re tired of paying heavy, unpredictable fees every month, maybe it’s time to try Slice. You’ll love what we do.