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Are you Still Paying
to Get Paid?

With recent law changes and the advancement of our proprietary software your business can accept credit cards for FREE! Slice Introduces Zero Fee Credit Card Processing!

  • It’s 100% legal

    Chosen solution for over 50,000 restaurants and bars across the country

  • Easy to start

    All it takes a brief conversation with one of our professionals who will guide through the rest of the set up process.

  • One Slice fits all

    Slice accommodates all credit card types and mobile wallet systems such as ApplePay® and Android®

  • No hidden fees

    We believe everything has to be transparent and fair

  • Save from day one

    With Slice, the days of hefty credit card fees and interchange charges are over. It’s like giving yourself a big raise

  • Supersmart technology

    Terminals with EMV Chip Reader. Cloud-based receipt system. Easy integration with any POS.

Zero Fee processing
More and more businesses are taking advantage of Slice 0% Programs everyday. Use the savings to grow your business by spending money where it matters.
We offer 2 ZERO FEE processing programs for your business. Contact us now to see which one is the best fit for your business.