Businesses That Benefit From The Clover POS

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If there’s one thing that has become established in the payments processing industry, it’s that having the right point of sale terminal is crucial to business success. A terminal that doesn’t accept all the payments you want to receive, isn’t safely built, or isn’t the right design for your business can and will lead to financial losses. 

Getting a good terminal starts with choosing the right POS terminal manufacturer. At Slice, we work with Clover, considered to be one of the best manufacturers of terminals in the world. You might be wondering what kind of companies work well with this brand. Wonder no longer; we have the answers. 

Restaurants and Bars

By and large, it’s hard to ignore how well Clover terminals mesh with the hospitality industry. These terminals are customizable through the use of apps, which means that restauranters can do a lot more than just accept payments through them. 

With a Clover terminal, restauranters and other hospitality entrepreneurs can use apps to schedule their staff members, take online orders, and even print custom messages on receipts. This leads to streamlined, cost-effective business management served up with a side of personalization. 

Retail Stores

Whether it’s a small convenience store, a mid-size specialty store, or a large-scale department store, Clover terminals offer a lot for any company in the retail industry. What makes Clover a great pairing for retail isn’t just the wide range of different payments you can accept; it’s the high level of security they offer. 

Among small business owners, getting a secure terminal is crucial to keeping your clients (and your income) safe from the hands of hackers. Each terminal comes with EMV chip technology, anti-malware tech, and regular updates. Since retail stores are at high risk for attacks, this makes Clover an amazing weapon against sudden losses in your arsenal. 

That said, Clover terminals are also visually appealing and trustworthy. When clients see that you use Clover, they will feel more comfortable spending money at your store regardless of what you’re selling. 

Mobile Shops and Pop-Ups

Many other terminal brands have similar benefits for business owners that are stationary, but how many others have the benefit of being able to accept credit cards on the go? The Clover Mini allows business owners who have mobile stores to accept payments wherever they are. 

For companies that often require high amounts of travel, this opens up tons of opportunities. Typically “traditional” payment methods like cash or checks no longer have to be the go-to for businesses like photography, construction, or even farmers’ market stands. 

Studies have shown that mobile businesses that accept credit cards can make as much as 25 percent more profits than their traditional counterparts. That alone is a reason to consider getting a Clover. 

Every Business

Most other terminal brands are content with making a single standard point-of-sale terminal, but not Clover. This is a company that’s known for creating a terminal that suits every company, every industry, and every business method. 

No matter what kind of business you run, there will be a Clover that will help you achieve your goals of growth, profit, and customer satisfaction. All you need to do is choose the right terminal for you, and the rest will work out in your favor.